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Direct sales Mingtai 2024 aluminum alloy plate for automotive hub

Edit: admin Date: 2017-06-01 08:37
   The car wheel lies in the center of the wheel center to install the axle, which is connected to the brake drum, wheel and axle important parts. Its material is mostly alloy material, actually, 2024 aluminum alloy can be used in the car wheel. Automotive wheels use 2024 aluminum plate that is the Al-Cu-Mg system in the typical hard aluminum alloy, and its composition is reasonable, comprehensive performance is better, is the largest amount of hard aluminum. Automotive 2024 super hard aluminum plate is characterized by high strength, corrosion resistance, a certain heat resistance, can be used as 150 ℃ below the working parts. Its heat state, annealing and new quenching state forming performance are better, heat treatment strengthening effect is remarkable, but the heat treatment process is strict. Automotive wheels uses 2024 corrosion-resistant aluminum plate that has low density, a higher than the modulus, thermal conductivity and good conductivity,manufacturing process performance is good.

  2024 aluminum plate is one of the high-end products of Henan Mingtai, one of the advantageous products. The products are high-intensity hardness, processing technology far more than national standards, and products through the "weapons and equipment quality management system certification" can be assured procurement. Mingtai Aluminum production "1 +1" ultra wide, ultra-thick aluminum production line, test production of 2024 aviation aluminum, a good mechanical properties, the intensity of large processing, small density, can be used for light structural materials.
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