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6061 aluminum alloy plate for safe and stable bike frame

Edit: admin Date: 2017-06-02 08:59

Actually, bicycle is one of the most successful human machines invented by mankind. It is a complex machine composed of many simple machines. Since entering the modern society, bicycles as environmental friendly means of transport used to travel, and now accompanied by the emergence of shared bicycles, bicycles become more  and more popular.  Bicycle frame is an important mechanical parts of the bike, the frame as the skeleton of the whole bike, the greatest degree of decision, affecting the correctness and comfort of the riding posture. Aluminum alloy is currently on the market using the most common material, 6061 aluminum alloy plate  that used for bicycle frame has a better advantage than other materials.

Aluminum frame has low density, light weight, which can reduce the weight of the bike itself. Using  6061 aluminum alloy plate bicycle frame can reduce the waste of raw materials, because the aluminum alloy has excellent casting performance, welding performance, cutting performance, easier to process you want shape; aluminum products can be oxidized into a variety of colors, the surface of a layer of light generated AI2 O3 film that is beautiful and anti-corrosion, to ensure that the bike long-term beautiful and durable. The emergence of shared bicycles for the aluminum processing industry provides a broad space for development, and Mingtai Aluminum seizes the opportunity, fierce competition to achieve greater development.

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