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3104 aluminum-environmental packaging material for tea

Edit: admin Date: 2017-06-28 16:31
Aluminum cans beverage is a common packaging in daily life, such as aluminum canned cola, beer, coffee. And recently, the market appeared a lot of similar small pot of tea packaging products. Applying aluminum Canned packaging that commonly used in the cola, beer, coffee and other foods to the tea is a very good innovation. The use of small aluminum cans of small green tea protects the quality of tea and offers customers a better sense of product experience.
Good tea is very delicate. The facts such as air, sunshine, moisture, external force and smell will destroy the color, scent, flavor and shape of tea. The tea with plastic packaging, placing backpack is easy to squeeze, especially in the rainy weather storage improper, will influence tea flavor. And after 3-year research of a small pot of tea team, they choose aluminum as a small cans of the production of packaging materials. Meanwhile the first time, "nitrogen enrichment technology" is applied to the tea industry. In the current market commonly used in the packaging, the small pot of tea original aluminum cans + nitrogen (Dahongpao, white tea, Pu'er tea excluded) is double insurance. It can completely isolated from the air, sunshine, moisture, external force and touch on the tea to ensure that tea is not oxidized, do not smell, not damp, not broken. Good tea can be more long-term preservation, in particular, to solve the problem of green tea preservation.

Good packaging should also maximize the protection of the environment, aluminum cans are fully recyclable.
And 3104 aluminum plate is an important material for aluminum tank, 3104 cans ,on the one hand, is stable in feature and not easy have reaction with the product to ensure the safety of food and drink. On the other hand, the material is light. this advantage can make aluminum cans packaging products lighter in quality and easy to transport cost savings.
With the upgrading of production technology, the 3104 cans with aluminum’s surface performance requirements are getting higher and higher. For the 3104 cans tank processing technology, Mingtai Aluminum has been invested heavily in research and development to upgrade.
Mingtai Aluminum is the top manufacturers of 3104 aluminum cans, and welcome customers to inquire or to our plant for inspection.
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