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Future leading role-aluminum cellphone shell

Edit: admin Date: 2017-06-28 16:46

According to foreign media's reports, Alcoa made a expectation according to the relevant data that ,in 2017, China's aluminum surplus will be about 2.1 million to 2.3 million tons. Estimated global surplus will be up to 40-80 million tons.

In the face of the aluminum industry capacity significantly excess situation, How China's aluminum processing industry enterprises deal with it? China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association vice president Wen Xianjun said in an interview with the media that "to really resolve the excess capacity of electrolytic aluminum, not only rely on Joint production cut, but also deepen the potential of electrolytic aluminum consumption, expand high - end demand to promote the supply side of the structural reform.

Mingtai Aluminum as a leading brand of aluminum processing, constantly add new equipment to enhance their own technological level, improve product's added value. At the same time, Mingtai Aluminum is also make use of the market invisible hand to promote their own development. And deepen the cooperation with the downstream procurement enterprises, make investment in scientific research, rely on the accumulation of years of industry enterprises to help downstream enterprises to achieve high-end demand for aluminum replacement and raw materials procurement localization. The implementation of strategic cooperation helps downstream production enterprises from the production of material reform, improve product quality, meanwhile saves production costs to achieve win-win situation. Mingtai Aluminum through the strength of enterprises continue to expand aluminum applications, aluminum industry to resolve excess capacity to broaden the road.

The market of aluminum plate for mobile phone is broad, Mingtai Aluminum's 3,5,6 series aluminum plates has a good quality and resonable prize. Mingtai aluminum has rich technical experience in mobile phone shell material and its products has a stable market share over the years. Mingtai Aluminum and many domestic mobile phone manufacturers have long-term cooperation, and have also established cooperative relations with Samsung, Apple, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers. Combined with the current mobile phone market booming, Mingtai aluminum phone shell material will usher in greater opportunities for development in the future.


As the industry leader Mingtai Aluminum has a good sense of responsibility. In the expansion of aluminum high-end applications, They want to make their own efforts. For more information, please contact customer service: 0371-86628262

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