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Aluminum bus-beautiful scenery in green city

Edit: admin Date: 2017-06-28 16:28

China has huge volume of customers and almost all of the bus is made by aluminum. So bus is the highest degree of aluminum market direction among all kinds of cars. But the world's aluminum bus market development is not balanced and the overall there is still a lot of room for development. For example, in the United States, Western Europe, Hong Kong and Macao and other developed areas, all the aluminum car has not yet more than 40%. The world's aluminum buses are still in the early development.

China's all-aluminum bus is in the bud, but the current development needs are huge. The main reason there are three points. First, the bus between the city accounted for 60% of China's bus market. This huge bus vehicles are the main goal of energy-saving emission reduction; Second, the weight cutting of aluminum passenger car is obviously. For example, some domestic technology leading aluminum alloy bus has been reduced by about two-thirds, the effect is very obvious; Third, the aluminum alloy products with the technical threshold is not particularly high, some large and medium-sized domestic aluminum manufacturers are able to meet the relevant production requirements, Aluminum manufacturers are also willing to accept the positive changes brought by this market.

Taking China's largest passenger car manufacturer - Yutong Bus as an example, its research and development of all aluminum bus technology has been very mature, and it makes a perfect combination in the material, technology and design. It shows the great potential of all-aluminum passenger cars. Yutong bus and other auto companies bring changes in aluminum products, and also promote the development of China's
automotive aluminum products. For example, some of the aluminum products used by Yutong is provided by the Henan Mingtai Aluminum. Mingtai 5 series aluminum plate and 3 series aluminum plate and other products are the current domestic main demand for all aluminum bus.
All-aluminum bus market is huge, but the proportion of all-aluminum bus is still low, therefore, we need to actively explore and promote this market. At the same time, the vigorous development of aluminum buses will also bring new development opportunities for aluminum alloy manufacturers. Mingtai aluminum’s aluminum for bus is well received by customers since entering the market. The annual production reached 650,000 tons and set a leading role for the development of China's aluminum industry. Details Advisory: 0371-86628262

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