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PS stock and CTP plate stock contribute offset printing

Edit: admin Date: 2017-06-28 16:34
Offset printing is a traditional printing method and also the main way of lithography. It refers to the use of PS / CTP printing to transfer the graphic information we want to express and spread to the substrate, and finally make it into book, newspapers and other paper media. PS / CTP through the hot-cold rolling process roll the aluminum embryo material into a certain thickness of sheet, the surface of the plate after a specific process is coated with a layer of photosensitive resin, making a variety of uses of the printing plate after drying .

PS/CTP stock printing used in printing has high printing quality, strong printing, environment-friendly, clean and sanitary, reasonable in cost, high resolution, clear handwriting, high speed and good reproducibility. Mingtai aluminum aluminum’s aluminum stock plate are 1050 aluminum, 1060 Aluminum, 1070 aluminum alloy. The aluminum content were not less than 99.50% and not less than 99.60% and not less than 99.70% with small density, high strength, moderate wear resistance, good forming, good hydrophilicity, high stability, good surface treatment and other advantages, it has become an undisputed high-quality PS/CTP substrate.
PS plate stock and CTP stock is one of the advantage product of Mingtai aluminum. The product has excellent quality, excellent reputation. And its market share is more than 50%. Welcome the new and old customers to call us for advisory orders. Contact number: 0371-86628262 186-3826-8963

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