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Advantages of aluminum alloy for automotive lightweight

Edit: admin Date: 2017-08-31 09:50
Due to environmental protection and energy saving needs, automotive lightweight has become the development trend of the car. In the lightweight process, the aluminum alloy material will play its natural advantages, mainly used to transform and replace the body material. We ensure the performance of the premise by using lighter materials to reduce vehicle weight, in order to achieve energy saving and environmental protection functions.
The use of aluminum alloy as a vehicle manufacturing material has the following characteristics:
1, reduce the weight of the car itself can increase the output power, reduce noise, improve handling, reliability, improve vehicle speed, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, improve safety.
2, there are research figures show that if the vehicle weight reduction of 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% -8%; If the rolling resistance is reduced by 10%, the fuel efficiency can be increased by 3%. If the vehicle drive efficiency is increased Increased by 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 7%.
3, the car body about 30% of the total car quality, no load case, about 70% of the fuel consumption in the body quality. Therefore, the body light for the vehicle fuel economy, vehicle control stability, collision safety are of great benefit.
Aluminum alloy, as a lightweight lightweight material, on the weight reducing has an outstanding performance, which can achieve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption. Lightweight materials development trend can not resist, aluminum alloy is now more suitable for automotive use of the material, and the presence of aluminum is relatively large, easy Processing and forming, the price is not very high, I believe in the future development process to play a greater advantage.
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