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The difference between aluminum alloy and alumina alloy

Edit: admin Date: 2017-09-04 09:30
Aluminum alloy resources are widely distributed, with easy processing, good performance, so soon became the most widely used metal material. And with their energy saving and environmental protection, they are welcomed in various fields. Alumina aluminum is a commonly used one. So, what is the difference between aluminum alloy and alumina alloy?
Aluminum alloy surface is very easy to produce a layer of very thin alumina film (0.01-0.02um), a certain degree of corrosion resistance. But because this layer of oxide film is amorphous, so that the aluminum surface loss of the original luster. In addition, this oxide film loose porous, uneven, corrosion resistance is not strong, easy to contaminate stains. Therefore, the aluminum alloy products are usually subject to special oxidation treatment, before the oxidation process, with chemical and physical methods on the surface of the product necessary cleaning, so that it bare the pure metal matrix, easy to oxidize the coloring smoothly, Combined with a solid, color and thickness to meet the requirements and has the best corrosion resistance, wear and other good performance of the artificial film.
Some people say that aluminum has not been through the oxidation of the already have a good effect. But the aluminum alloy is of course the best use after oxidation of the surface treatment. Because the aluminum alloy in the absence of surface treatment before, it is easy to be external factors to the surface of the membrane to the oxidation. Anodized aluminum process: degreasing → alkali corrosion → anodizing → activation → dyeing → sealing. After aluminum oxide surface treatment of aluminum alloy is an anode profile, can improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum, enhance wear resistance and hardness, to protect the metal surface. And, aluminum film microporous adsorption capacity, after coloring into a variety of beautiful and beautiful colors by the majority of users after the favorite.
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