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Automotive aluminum-energy saving and environmental protection

Edit: admin Date: 2017-09-04 09:36
Due to environmental protection and energy saving needs, automotive lightweight has become a development trend. In the implementation of the process of lightweight vehicles, aluminum alloy is mainly used as body material, the effect of energy saving on the effect is very obvious. Aluminum alloy in the use of the body is to ensure its performance while reducing body weight, to achieve energy saving.
Aluminum alloy in the automotive industry in the application of very early. Car in order to reduce the weight of the use of aluminum body is nothing new, in fact, inside the so-called "all aluminum" refers to the aluminum alloy. Why use aluminum? On the one hand to reduce body weight, so that cars can get better power and reduce fuel consumption. On the other hand, aluminum alloy is very easy to recycling a material, which also makes the car manufacturing more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Of course, maintenance will be more simple. In the engine of this component, aluminum and cast iron has its own different characteristics. Cast iron is more solid, durable, or higher power; and aluminum is more lightweight, lower cost. But one thing is certain, the future development trend of the automobile industry, aluminum applications will be more and more widely, more and more. Because aluminum is very rich in the metal deposits, recycling and more simple, the characteristics of its alloys are also increasingly rich. With the advancement of technology, in the future, some kind of aluminum alloy completely replace the steel is not impossible.
Comparison of the new aluminum alloy extrusion profile is not just to save costs. Because the high-end cars used above the aluminum alloy are usually some high-level aluminum alloy, the domestic and not very mature manufacturing technology, and now in the country a lot of special aluminum prices are still relatively expensive. So, if you want the aluminum car is not impossible, but the price will be a bit high. Mingtai aluminum aluminum alloy specifications complete, the price is reasonable.
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