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The alloy types of aluminum checker plate

Edit: admin Date: 2017-09-07 09:07
Rolling the aluminum plate with a roller pressing mill and forming a protruding pattern on its surface forms aluminum checker plate. There are many kinds of aluminum checker plate, the most common is 5-bar aluminum checker plate (shape like willow). using the same material, the 5-bar aluminum checker plate price is 300 ~ 500 yuan higher than aluminum plate per ton.
According to the pattern of aluminum alloy alloy can be divided into: ordinary aluminum checker plate, Al-Mn checker plate, and Al-Mg checker plate.
Ordinary aluminum checker plate: 1060 aluminum plate for the processing of aluminum plate from the plate, to adapt to the usual environment, low prices. Usually cold storage, flooring, packaging and more use of this pattern aluminum sheet.
Al-Mn checker plate: 3003 as the main raw material processing, this aluminum plate, also known as rust-proof aluminum plate, the strength is slightly higher than the ordinary aluminum alloy pattern plate, with a certain anti-rust performance, but the hardness and corrosion resistance To 5000 series of pattern plate, so the product is used in the requirements of strict anti-rust aspects, such as truck models, cold storage floor.
Al-Mg checker plate: 5052 or 5083 and other 5000 series aluminum plate as raw materials from processing, with a good milk corrosive, hardness, rust performance. Usually used in special places, such as ships, car lights wet environment, the hardness of this aluminum plate, there is a certain load-bearing capacity.
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