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New curtain wall material-aluminum veneer

Edit: aluminum veneer Date: 2017-09-09 09:16
Aluminum veneer through the combination of the aluminum alloy to form a central insulation layer, achieving the purpose of upgrading the quality of aluminum. Insulated bridge type aluminum veneer mainly includes wear strip type and pouring type.
The wear strip aluminum veneer is made of two insulated strips connecting the two parts of the aluminum inside and outside, thus preventing the heat transfer inside and outside the aluminum profile to achieve the purpose of energy saving. It originated in Europe, suitable for small windows at the lower level of the building. But it is in strength, technology, cost and so on is not very good.
The pouring aluminum veneer insulation energy-saving technology originated in the United States. With the aluminum alloy doors and windows in the extensive use of some innovative doors and windows designers began to consider the aluminum insulation effect, the study of effective solution to aluminum energy-saving technology.
In general, these techniques are used in combination with high molecular weight polymers and aluminum profiles. Pouring aluminum veneer technology is through pouring the formation of polyurethane insulation bridge will be aluminum and internal and external parts of the two parts into a whole, in order to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy conservation. Its performance, technology, cost, etc. are more ideal.
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