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The conditions aluminum alloy should meet in casting process

Edit: admin Date: 2017-09-13 09:57
Casting aluminum alloy is a traditional metal material. Because of its small density and high specific strength, it has a
wide range of applications in the aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery and other fields. With the development of modern industry and the development of new technologies, the demand for cast aluminum alloy is growing, so the aluminum alloy casting process will continue to be concerned.
Aluminum alloy casting process should meet the following eight conditions:
1, there is a good flow of the slit portion of the filling slot
2, there is a lower melting point than the average metal, but can meet the requirements of a large part of the situation
3, good thermal conductivity, molten aluminum heat can be quickly transferred to the mold, casting cycle is shorter
4, the hydrogen and other harmful gases in the melt can be effectively controlled by treatment
5, aluminum alloy casting, there is no tendency to hot brittle cracking and tearing
6, chemical stability, corrosion resistance and strong
7, easy to produce surface defects, casting surface has a good surface finish, easy to surface treatment.
8, casting aluminum alloy processing performance, and can be used die, hard mold, raw sand and dry sand mold, casting gypsum casting mold for casting production, but also extrusion casting, semi-solid casting, centrifugal casting and other methods of forming, Production of different uses, different specifications, different performance of the various castings.
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