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Precautions of aluminum tread plate

Edit: admin Date: 2017-09-13 10:01
Aluminum tread plate with its unique decoration is often used in the decoration. aluminum tread plate in the use of decoration can show the overall style of the building to enhance the sense of luxury of building, which is an indispensable raw materials in building decoration. What should we pay attention to in the use of aluminum tread plate?
1, the use of aluminum products flourishing flour, will make the organic acid in flour and aluminum chemical reaction to produce harmful substances;
2, do not place in the aluminum products marinated food, so long placed will make aluminum products in the aluminum
Penetrate into food, endanger our health;
3, do not stir the eggs in the aluminum products, this will make the egg fusion of some aluminum material, endangering our health;
4, do not use aluminum products in alkaline things, alkaline things and aluminum products and chemical reactions to harm our health.
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