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Mingtai Aluminum teaches you how to identify aluminum quality

Edit: admin Date: 2017-09-14 09:43
The use of aluminum plate is almost involved in all walks of life and the use of it is becoming wider and wider, then how to distinguish the quality of aluminum plate?
1, to see whether the alloy aluminum plate is obvious distortion, the surface is smooth and smooth, there is no crack or boldness, scratches, burr place, if found to have the best not to buy.
2, you can use a smooth hard material to draw the surface of the aluminum alloy, will leave a white scratches, alloy aluminum hand gently wipe and observe, if not erase, indicating that the quality of the material may be a problem, but the contrary if it can be easily wiped, indicating that the thickness of the surface oxide film is qualified.
3, be sure to carefully check the surface color of aluminum alloy is different shades of color, color is the quality of the note, but off. Of course, you can also put the same type of profiles together for comparison, color difference if it is better not to buy. Also check whether the cross-section thickness of the alloy aluminum plate is the same as that of the marked model.
Mingtai Aluminum mainly engaged in aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum foil production and processing. The main aluminum processing and production equipment is more than 60, with a leading international leader in the "1 +4" hot rolling production line, can achieve accurate custom production. Company provides the whole process, integration, housekeeping services, aluminum prices more reasonable, and customers can rest assured to purchase and use it.
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