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The advantages of aluminum foil in packaging

Edit: admin Date: 2017-09-14 10:52
The original aluminum foil as the most expensive packaging material is only used for upscale packaging. By the 1970s, with the development of color printing technology mature, aluminum foil and aluminum-plastic composite packaging get into the rapid development period, and aluminum foil quickly became a commonly used packaging materials.
Why aluminum foil in the packaging industry has a great advantages? Through the metal packaging industry, the rapid development of the market situation, which is inseparable with aluminum foil tape’s own advantages.
1, good sticky, strong practicality
In the era of rapid development of the packaging industry, the requirements for packaging become more stringent. Previously able to meet the standards of production and processing enterprises will be able to occupy a certain strength in the market, and now only have the core technology to produce high-quality products to be able to impact the market. The quality of aluminum foil tape more and more outstanding from the industry's fierce competition, only good viscosity, practical aluminum foil products can be favored by the market.
2, cost savings, more environmentally friendly, safe
Mingtai continuously improves adhesive aluminum foil’s production and processing equipment, with the core technology. In the new production process to implement strict monitoring, reduce a lot of unnecessary links, not only save the cost but also more environmentally friendly, safe, can be widely used in food, materials, electronics and other industries packaging, the tape foil on the market The share is more prominent.
In addition, aluminum foil tape with its ultra-wear-resistant characteristics, and gradually change the pattern of the packaging industry, so that metal packaging continue to get people's recognition, and gradually penetrate into every corner of the market, by more people of all ages.
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