0.5 mm aluminium checker plate

About 0.5 mm aluminium checker plate

The use of rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer of 0.5 mm aluminium checker plate is a material with low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation. The use of this material can store heat excellently and achieve the function of heat preservation. The surface of the aluminum plate is painted with fluorocarbon polymer resin. This resin can make the surface of the aluminum plate have excellent corrosion resistance, and also has excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, and can last for a long time. In many industries aluminum checker plate can be used, so what are the advantages? Aluminum sheet manufacturers will take you to find out.
0.5 mm aluminium checker plate

Advantages of 0.5 mm aluminium checker plate

1) The 0.5 mm aluminium checker plate has a novel structure and good anti-skid effect, so it is used in a large amount. The aluminum diamond aluminum plate not only has a long service life, but also can reduce the weight. Due to the low density of the aluminum diamond aluminum plate.
2) Light weight and excellent durability. The aluminum plate is light in weight, about 7kg per square meter, and its tensile strength is 200N/mm2; the aluminum plate has high elongation, and the relative elongation is higher than 10%. It can accept high twists and turns without breaking. , Excellent patience.
3) The decoration is strong and different from the structure of other insulation boards at home and abroad. The rigid polyurethane with low thermal conductivity and high insulation function is directly bonded to the back of the formed aluminum board through infusion and foaming. 6061 aluminum plate
4) The coating with strong weather resistance is sprayed with fluorocarbon polymer resin containing KYNAR-500 up to 70%. The surface of the fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum plate has strong resistance to acid rain, corrosion and ultraviolet rays, which can ensure The coating will not fade, chalk or drop for more than 20 years.
5) Convenient installation technology, reasonable insulation aluminum panels are made on the assembly line of the factory, and are directly hung on the enclosure structure at the construction site. It is a new type of high-level exterior material integrated with energy-saving decoration, and the construction is convenient and the construction period is short.

0.5 mm aluminium checker plate used in decoration

0.5 mm aluminium checker plate is used in decoration, which is convenient and convenient for construction. And the fluorocarbon polymer resin will not be burned after burning, it just looks scorched. The protection of the environment is also done very well. The traditional practice requires a lot of cement, sand and other materials, which is a very waste of resources. And a lot of waste will be generated after dismantling. The raw material of this kind of aluminum plate is very light, and the durability is also very good. The material used per square meter is equivalent to 80% of the normally used materials, saving about 15% of the cost, and can accept various Of high pressure.

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