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2mm 50mm thick aluminium sheet 3003 malaysia price per meter

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2mm 50mm thick aluminium sheet 3003 malaysia price per meter
Mingtai Aluminum, equipped with advanced equipment and technology, is one of the leading 3003 aluminum sheet for industry equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China. Make sure the quality guaranteed and reliable at low price. Applications of 2mm 50mm thick aluminium sheet 3003 malaysia

Width:100-2600mm normal size1000 1219 1250 1500
Length:1000-16000mm normal size 2438 2440 3000 6000mm
Weight: Thickness (mm) X Width(mm) X Length (m)X2.7  kg/pcs
Tolerance: thickness tolerance +/-1.5%, width tolerance +/-1mm
The main products are widely used in transportation, product manufacturing, container ships, tankers, hull; for LED aluminum plate, keyboard material, capacitor shell, chassis plate, anodized materials such as electronic products; for building decoration, LNG tank, photovoltaic and other new technology products.

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