3mm alloy checker plate 26inch x12inch price

How to calculate the price of 3mm alloy checker plate 26inch x12inch?

The price of 3mm alloy checker plate 26inch x12inch price is the price of aluminum ingots + processing fees on the day, so the specific price should be based on the actual price of the day. The weight calculation of the aluminum sheet is important.
Calculation formula
The weight of the aluminum plate = the thickness of the aluminum plate * width * length * density
Aluminum plate density
The density of pure aluminum is 2.7×10kg/m3 or 2.7g/cm3; other series are available from 2.58-2.9 depending on the alloy. We just choose an approximate density.

Is the price of 3mm alloy checker plate 26inch x12inch stable?

Perform theoretical calculations strictly in accordance with the table, and the results are often lighter than the actual ones. Because the actual thickness and size of the aluminum plate are not so accurate, the actual weighing will also be affected after the aluminum plate is coated. Theoretical calculations only provide a rough reference.
3mm alloy checker plate 26inch x12 inch price

3mm alloy checker plate 26inch x12inch price is suitable for construction industry

In the construction field, patterned aluminum plate is one of the common building materials. With the increasing demands of the society on the construction industry, the importance of patterned aluminum panels has become more and more prominent. Its artistic patterns, durable quality, etc. are all reasons why architects favor patterned aluminum panels. Therefore, the purchase of patterned aluminum plates that are accepted and welcomed by the society has become an issue that enterprises in the construction field need to consider. The low-price patterned aluminum plates given by aluminum sheet manufacturers are very suitable for the construction industry that requires a large number of products.

Mingtai 3mm alloy checker plate 26inch x12inch price

The low-carbon, environmentally-friendly and green era of patterned aluminum plates has come. Henan Mingtai Aluminum firmly grasps the trend of social trends, and strives to put high environmental protection standards and high requirements into the production of patterned aluminum plates without reducing quality requirements. If you have any questions about other patterned aluminum plates, please feel free to consult wangpengjie@mingtai-al.com!

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