Two commonly used 8×4 checker plate

8×4 checker plate is very common in daily life

Aluminum checker plate is not unfamiliar in daily use, it mainly plays a role of non-slip. Two commonly used 8×4 checker plate include five bar aluminum checker plates and orange peel aluminum checker plates. They are mainly used on the ground or work platform for anti-skid. A great advantage of aluminum checker plate is that it is weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and non-slip. This makes them suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

5052 alloy five bar 8×4 checker plate

5052 alloy five bar aluminum checker plate is a representative product of non-slip aluminum plate. The advantage of this series of products is higher hardness. This series belongs to the representative series of alloy aluminum sheets, which has high tensile strength and hardness has obvious advantages in similar products.
It has strong corrosion resistance and good anti-rust effect. Magnesium alloy is added to this series of products during processing, and the content can reach more than 2.5%. It has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and can be well adapted to high strength and high corrosion resistance occasions. For ships, vehicles, and working platforms, it has a good application effect, and has great advantages over other aluminum checker plates.
8x4 checker plate

Orange peel 8×4 checker plate

Orange peel embossed aluminum panels, products are widely used in refrigerators, refrigerators, refrigerators, solar reflectors, decorative aluminum products, lighting, luggage, disinfection cabinets and other industries.
The embossed and oxidized aluminum plate is beautiful and can enhance the thickness and strength of the aluminum plate. It can press aluminum plates with a thickness of 0.15mm–1mm and a width of 1.6m. After embossing, the aluminum plate can be thickened by 0.1mm-0.25mm. It can be processed for anodized aluminum plates, which can enhance the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of aluminum plates.

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