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3003 5 Bar Patten Aluminium Checked Plate Supplier From China

Addtime: 2018-08-11 15:44:20
Specification of 3003 5 Bar Aluminium Checked Plate Supplier From China
Temper H*2、H*4、T4、T6
Thickness(mm):  1.2-7.0
Widthness(mm):  100-1650
Length(mm) : 500-16000

Features of 3003 aluminum checker plate:
1. Temper and pettern can be customized by customers’ demands.
2. Superior quality of raw material.
3. Reasonable and stable chemical composition.
4. Accurate tolerance.
5. Good mechanical property.
6. This products are favored in construction, upholster, the anti-skid floor of vehicle, etc.
Advantages of Mingtai Aluminium Checked Plate Supplier
1.A listed company with high reputation.
2.About 20 years' developmental history,skilled workers.
3.Enough raw material supplying,fast delivery guaranteed.
4.DC product,and can live up to EN,JIS,ASTM standards.
5.Obtain many strict quality certifications,SGS,DNV GL,CCS etc.
6.Reasonable price,good quality.
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