Ali checker plate sheets

The use of ali checker plate sheets

The use of ali checker plate sheets is continuously carried out with production. Nowadays, some people can always have better applications in the process of using this technology to improve production. The application of checker plate aluminum is with production Continuously, some of the current applications of checker plate aluminum also have better production with the continuous development of science and technology. The development of ali checker plate sheets can also make the progress in production go on better. The price of aluminum sheet has better production for such applications.
Before ali checker plate sheets can be used, it is necessary to make good progress. The substrate pretreatment technology is produced with the production of coating technology. It serves the coating technology and is used to prepare excellent coatings as basic.
ali checker plate sheets

The production process of ali checker plate sheets

All the substrates of ali checker plate sheets will have some grease and lubricant on the surface during the production process. Of course, other substances may adhere during the transportation process. If these greases and adhesions can not be removed, the aluminum plate will be coated. In addition to these, the clean surface of the substrate needs to be chemically treated to form a stable conversion coating on the 7075 aluminum alloy profile.
The ali checker plate sheets is a composite material formed by applying one or more layers of agricultural production system paint on the surface of the aluminum substrate after passing through the color coating unit, and then baking and curing the composite material. Both aluminum plate and agricultural production The advantages of both system materials include the high mechanical strength, good toughness, and easy processing and molding properties of aluminum plates, and the good decoration, coloring, and corrosion resistance of polymer coating materials in agricultural production systems, which can easily Perform bending, punching, deep drawing, welding and other processing.
For the use of ali checker plate sheets, in order to enable the development to proceed better, such production has also made better progress.

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