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2a12 aluminium plate

Product Details
2a12 aluminium plate is a kind of high-strength hard aluminum, it can be heat-strengthened, in the annealing, just quenching and hot plasticity medium, good spot welding, gas welding and argon arc welding when the tendency to form intergranular crack; Quenching and cold work hardening after cutting performance is still good, bad in the annealed state. Corrosion resistance is not high, often using anodizing and painting methods or surface cladding aluminum layer to improve corrosion resistance.
The application of 2a12 aluminium alloy plates:
2a12 aluminum plate is mainly used for aircraft structure (skin, skeleton, rib beam, frame, etc.), rivets, missile components, truck wheels, propeller components and other structural parts.
2a12 aluminum plates prices 
The performance advantages of 2a12 aluminum alloy plates:
1, Mingtai use of advanced "1 +4" production lines and "1 +1" production lines and other production equipment to ensure product quality to ensure that the market competitiveness of products;
2, the surface of 2a12 aluminium plates aluminum-free oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll India, trimming neat, no glitches;
3, low density, high strength, good processing properties, but also has good heat resistance;
4, high strength, a certain heat resistance, can be used as 150 ° C the following parts;
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