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5182 aluminium plate

Product Details
5182 aluminium plates is Al-Mg-Si alloy, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, cold workability is good, moderate strength. Surface without skin, no bubbles, aluminum surface without defects. Good forming processability.
The application of 5182 aluminium plates:
Aircraft fuel tank, car body panels, electrical enclosures. Processing bracket parts, processing cans lid. Manufacture of tubing, street lamps, traffic vehicles and ships of the instruments, metal products, rivets.
tanker aluminum plate factory
Mingtai 5182 aluminum plates performance advantages:
1, the surface without skin, air bubbles, surface roughness and local mechanical damage, aluminum surface without defects;
2, good corrosion resistance, good cold workability, and with moderate strength;
3, gas welding, welding, spot welding and roll welding welding performance are very good;
4, with semi-continuous casting production line 6, casting and rolling production line 10, and other large-scale processing equipment 44, the annual output reached 450,000 tons;
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