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6063 aluminium plate

Product Details
6063 aluminium plates is an Al-Mg-Si alloy, 6063 aluminium plates has good welding performance, good plasticity, moderate heat treatment strength, anodized, the surface gorgeous color, widely used in building profiles, furniture, irrigation pipe, Vehicles, lifts, fences.
The performance advantages of 6063 aluminum alloy:
1, heat treatment to strengthen, impact toughness, the gap is not sensitive.
2, after processing the surface is very smooth, and easy anodizing and coloring;
3, excellent welding properties and corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency in the heat treatment can strengthen the type of aluminum alloy, Al-Mg-Si alloy is the only found no stress corrosion cracking of the alloy;
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The application of 6063 aluminium alloy plates:
Widely used in the construction of aluminum doors and windows, walls of the framework. high-speed passenger car body structure materials, automotive wheels, automotive engine parts.
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