Aluminum checker plate sheet specification

Aluminum checker plate sheet has anti-skid effect

Aluminum checker plate sheet is also can be called aluminum tread plate. Same to other kinds of aluminum checkered plate, it has anti-skid effect. It is mainly used in refrigerator, freezer liner, air conditioning, cold storage, decoration and packaging. The typical and most used pattern is orange peel aluminum checker plate sheet.

The specification of aluminum checker plate sheet

Typical alloys: 1060, 3003, 5052, 5754, 6061, 6063, 6082
Material temper: H temper and t temper
The thickness is 1.2-9.0mm, the width is 500-2600mm, the length is 500-16000mm.
The shape of final product: Aluminum checker sheet or aluminum checker coil
aluminum checker plate sheet

Advantages of aluminum checker plate sheet

Why does aluminum checker sheet has widely application in refrigeration industry than other metal? For it has 4 aspects of advantages.
The heat transfer performance of aluminum is better among the top in the metal;
The surface of aluminum can form a dense oxide film with good corrosion resistance;
The proportion of aluminum is relatively small, making the equipment lighter in weight;
Embossing in the surface increases heat transfer area and improves heat transfer efficiency.

Process method of aluminum checker plate sheet

There is one process method of the aluminium checker plate manufacturers. Firstly completes embossing process in whole roll, and then divides and cuts into the embossed aluminium sheet of the required size. The process is simple, the efficiency is high, the manufacturing cost is saved. And the manufactured aluminium sheet coil has high strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance and resistance.

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