Aluminum diamond tread sheet in humid environment

Aluminum diamond tread sheet has a magical effect

Aluminum diamond tread sheet is one of our company’s main products, and has always had a good reputation among new and old customers. In addition to the well-known advantages of high hardness and strong corrosion resistance, do you know the magical use of patterned aluminum in a humid environment? Let’s take a look at the specific application of patterned aluminum in a humid environment.

Aluminum diamond tread sheet cooling speed

First of all, in terms of cooling speed, the thermal conductivity of patterned aluminum plate is 237w/mk. According to the principles of physics, the larger the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal conductivity. Under the same conditions, the faster the cooling rate, the better the cooling effect.

Aluminum diamond tread sheet has good cooling effect

In terms of materials, the cost of patterned aluminum plates is higher. The reason why better refrigerators choose high-cost patterned aluminum plate evaporators is because the patterned aluminum plate evaporators have the best cooling effect.

Aluminum diamond tread sheet solder joint

In terms of solder joints and corrosion resistance, the patterned aluminum plate on the surface of the evaporator of a high-performance refrigerator wraps the refrigeration tube without any solder joints. The refrigerant will never leak, safe and healthy!
aluminum diamond tread sheet

Aluminum diamond tread sheet bearing capacity

In terms of load-bearing capacity, the refrigerator freezer drawer is in full contact with the patterned aluminum evaporator. The cooling area is large and the cooling is uniform. Due to the uniform force, the load-bearing capacity of the patterned aluminum plate evaporator made of patterned aluminum plate is as high as 30 kg.

Aluminum diamond tread sheet orange peel pattern

Orange peel pattern aluminum plate is divided into: Classic orange peel pattern aluminum plate and variant orange peel pattern aluminum plate. Its surface presents a pattern similar to orange peel, so it can also be called orange peel pattern aluminum plate. It is a series of products commonly used in refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging.
If you need a thin patterned aluminum plate, orange peel pattern is even one of the fewer choices. Because its minimum thickness can be 0.1 mm. This is something that some other patterned aluminum plates cannot achieve.

Aluminum diamond tread sheet price

According to the current market, there is usually no fixed pricing standard, and the difference is still relatively large. In addition to the specifications and dosage of the selected product, the choice of aluminum sheet manufacturers is also particularly important. There are many sales companies in the market, so i suggest you shop around and make field trips. Combine product processing technology, processing technology and product performance, etc. To make a selection.
What is the specific price, please feel free to click on the online consultation to understand, we have professionals to provide reasonable customized services based on your actual use needs, and give specific preferential quotations.

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