Building material Checkered Aluminum plate classifications and applications

Building material Checkered Aluminum plate classifications and applications

Building material Checkered Aluminum plate, Checkered Aluminum is becoming the first choice for more and more wall insulation decorative building materials. Medry aluminum plate in the middle of the core material for the high density polyurethane foam insulation layer, its internal independent of the closed bubble structure, with good sound insulation. Effectively reduce the outdoor noise into the room, to keep the indoor environment quiet and comfortable. Pattern aluminum plate of its own structure and compact plate between the concave and convex buckle plug-type installation, to avoid the rain, snow, freezing, melting, dry and wet cycle Structural damage, the installation of the wall to eliminate the water seepage, effectively avoid the indoor wall moldy phenomenon. Checkered Aluminum has a stable chemical and physical structure, will not decompose mildew, no radiation, no pollution, green.

Building material Checkered Aluminum plate

Pattern aluminum plate classification and use:

1, lenticular pattern aluminum sheet used in the anti-skid more, is a common non-slip plate, with a good anti-skid effect, mainly used in the carriage, platform non-slip, cold floor floor non-slip, floor floor anti-skid, elevator anti-skid aspects.
2, spherical pattern aluminum sheet in life there is known as semi-spherical pattern aluminum sheet, the surface will show a spherical pattern, like the plate above the installation of a pearl, so this one aluminum plate can also be pearl line pattern aluminum The This sheet is mainly used in the packaging. In the appearance of more beautiful, due to the particularity of the pattern, which the strength of the aluminum plate than other patterns to be much higher.
3, compass aluminum alloy pattern plate: has a strong anti-skid performance and five bars have the same effect, but in our lives do not often use.
4, diamond-shaped aluminum alloy pattern plate: packaging pipe or packaging commonly used.

Building material Checkered Aluminum plate FAQ

Q1.How many kinds of aluminum checkered plates ?
A: There are have three regular pattern: 5 bars,3 bars and 1 bars(diamond).
Q2.What kinds of checkered plates used for building floor ?
A: 1100/1060/1050/3003/3004/3105/5052/5754/5083/6061 series.
Q3.What’s feature for checkered plates ?
A: Anti-slip,Free-corrosion,5 bars is regular item.
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