Checker plate 6mm

Aluminum checker plate 6mm is widely used

Aluminium checker plate 6mm has a wide range of applications. For example, it will be used in interior decoration, signs and elevators, and the appearance of some buildings will also be used in striped aluminum panels, but the functions of products with different functions will be very different in terms of application. So how to choose high-quality patterned aluminum plates when purchasing? Let’s let us aluminum plate manufacturers take you to a specific understanding.

Aluminium checker plate raw material

Nowadays, the number of aluminum checker plates on the market is constantly increasing, and many people do not know how to choose when they are choosing. Originally, the aluminum checker plate paid attention to the thickness of the aluminum plate when selecting it. However, in practice, many people look in the wrong direction when choosing. The quality of the real dappled aluminum plate is not based on the thickness of the aluminum plate, but from the raw material of the aluminum plate.
aluminium checker plate 6mm

Type of aluminium checker plate 6mm:

1) Five bar aluminum alloy aluminum plate is a commodity with relatively low price and relatively good function.
2) The orange peel aluminum alloy aluminum plate is collectively referred to as the insect pattern and the orange peel aluminum plate. The scope of application of this product is also relatively wide, and the effect it brings is very ambitious.
3) Not commonly used compass aluminum alloy aluminum sheet.
4) Lentil-shaped patterned aluminum plates are used in some public places.
5) Commodities used in outer packaging or packaging pipes are generally called diamond-shaped alloy pattern aluminum plates.
6) Aluminum plates with other patterns have extremely high application value in different areas.

The thickness of aluminium checker plate 6mm

Some shoppers don’t know enough about the products, thinking that the quality of thick aluminum plates must be very good, but what I want to inform us is that the quality of patterned aluminum plates is not the thickness but the raw materials of the goods. The quality will not be bad, because the better quality goods are very good in gloss, generally people in the industry look at the gloss of the goods to purchase when choosing aluminum plates.
Generally speaking, the thickness of the patterned aluminum plate should be greater than 1.2 mm, the aluminum plate should have outstanding resistance, and the tensile strength of the aluminum plate must reach 160 Newton/mm. If the tensile strength of the aluminum plate is less than 100 Newton/mm. The thickness of the oxide film is less than 10 microns, so this aluminum plate may be a counterfeit and shoddy product, so we’d better not purchase it.

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