Checker plate sheet classification and use

About checker plate sheet

The checker plate sheet is formed on the basis of aluminum sheet or aluminum coil through pressure processing to form various patterns on the appearance, and become an aluminum sheet with a series of characteristics such as beautiful and non-slip. According to the difference of the pattern, the patterned aluminum sheet can be roughly divided into the non-slip patterned aluminum sheet and the beautiful patterned aluminum sheet. Below, the aluminum sheet manufacturer will introduce you two classifications and uses of patterned aluminum sheet.

Introduction of checker plate sheet

Patterned aluminum sheet is a kind of high-cost modern material, there are many kinds, and it is widely used in the home. Such as refrigerators, air conditioners, carriages, channels, packaging pipes, screen frames, various suspension beams, table legs, decoration strips, handles, wire grooves and covers, chair pipes, etc.
There are many types of patterned aluminum sheets, such as five bar pattern aluminum sheets, pointer pattern aluminum sheets, three bar pattern aluminum sheets, orange peel pattern aluminum sheets, cobblestone pattern aluminum sheets, etc., which are economical. With continuous development, more shapes of patterned aluminum sheets will appear in our vision in the future.
checker plate sheet

Classification of checker plate sheet

First of all, the patterned aluminum sheet on one side is mainly used for anti-skid, also called anti-skid aluminum sheet. The patterned aluminum sheet has various shapes, the most important of which are the following:
1) Two bar-shaped patterned aluminum sheets: used for outsourcing special products.
2) Three bar-shaped patterned aluminum sheets: commonly known as Xiaosantao, or Xiaosanhua, are mainly used in car interiors.
3) 5 bar patterned aluminum sheet: It is the most commonly used patterned aluminum sheet and the earliest patterned aluminum sheet. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in automobiles, ships, ladders, etc.
4) Pointer-shaped speckled aluminum sheet: It is an extended type of speckled aluminum sheet, shaped like a compass, hence the name, also known as gem pattern aluminum sheet and diamond patterned aluminum sheet.
Then, double-sided high and low patterned aluminum sheets are mainly used for decoration, refrigeration, luggage and lamps and other occupations. There are mainly the following shapes of the striped aluminum sheet:
1) Orange peel pattern aluminum sheet: both sides have high and low sense, the shape is similar to orange peel. The striped aluminum sheet in the shape of orange peel is mainly used for refrigeration jobs, and can also be used for building jobs as exterior walls.
2) Cobblestone-shaped pattern aluminum sheet: Both sides have a sense of height, and the shape is like a pebble. The cobblestone-shaped striped aluminum sheet is mainly used for lamps and decoration jobs.
3) Diamond-shaped pattern aluminum sheet: both sides have a sense of height, full of small diamonds closely connected, and now it is mainly used for building decoration and ceiling.

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