Checkered Aluminum plate classification

Checkered Aluminum plate classification

Checkered Aluminum plate is a high-cost modern materials, there are many types of furniture in a wide range of uses, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, platforms, packaging pipes, screen skeleton, a variety of hanging beams, table legs, Handle, cable trough and cover, chair, and so on According to the aluminum plate pattern is divided into different
1, five bars of aluminum alloy pattern plate: five ribs non-slip aluminum plate has become a willow-shaped pattern plate, aluminum pattern plate. Has a good anti-skid ability, and is widely used in building (floor) platform design and so on. As the aluminum plate surface pattern is in accordance with the five concave pattern in accordance with the relatively parallel arrangement, and each pattern and other patterns between 60-80 degrees angle, so this pattern has excellent anti-skid performance. Domestic use of such aluminum plate as a non-slip use, with a good anti-skid effect, the price plus cheap.

Checkered Aluminum plate classification

2, compass aluminum alloy pattern plate: non-slip aluminum, and five bars to play the same effect, but not often used.
3, orange peel aluminum pattern plate is divided into: classic orange peel pattern aluminum, orange peel orange pattern (also known as insect pattern). Its surface showing a similar pattern of orange skin, so it can be called orange peel pattern aluminum. Is the refrigerator, air conditioning and packaging commonly used pattern products.
4, lenticular pattern aluminum sheet is a non-slip aluminum commonly used a style, with good anti-skid effect, mainly for the car, the platform non-slip, cold floor floor, non-slip floor, floor anti-skid, elevator anti-skid aspects.

Checkered Aluminum plate

The different classification Checkered Aluminum plate price

5, spherical pattern aluminum sheet can also be called semi-spherical pattern aluminum sheet, the surface presents a small spherical pattern, like a small pearl, so this aluminum plate can become a pearl-shaped pattern aluminum sheet. Mainly used in packaging. Looks more beautiful, due to the special pattern, which aluminum plate strength than other patterns to be much higher series.
6, other aluminum plate pattern: wave-shaped pattern, water corrugated aluminum pattern plate, corrugated aluminum plate (and can become aluminum), rattan pattern pattern aluminum plate, three-dimensional triangular aluminum pattern plate, strip pattern aluminum plate, pebble aluminum Pattern plate, pattern aluminum pattern plate, triangular strip pattern aluminum plate, butterfly pattern aluminum sheet and so on.

Checkered Aluminum plate factory

7, diamond-shaped aluminum alloy pattern plate: packaging pipe or packaging commonly used. The use of pattern aluminum sheet in the use of a wide range of furniture: refrigerators, air conditioning, cars, platforms, packaging pipes, screen skeleton, a variety of hanging beams, table feet, decorative strips, handles, troughs and covers, and many more. Technical standard aluminum and aluminum alloy tread plate national standard (GB / T3618-2006), applicable to aluminum and aluminum alloy pattern of uniform standards. Disadvantages Although the advantages of aluminum, but the relative cost of iron products 3 to 4 times higher. Non-oxidized aluminum is easy to “rust” and thus lead to performance degradation, longitudinal strength than iron products, surface oxide wear resistance than the plating layer is easy to scratch, the higher cost.

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