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What is Insulating Aluminum Sheet and the performace

Addtime: 2018-07-12 15:06:26
Polyurethane insulation aluminum Sheet products Advantages of external wall polyurethane composite insulation aluminum Sheet, the outer substrate for aluminum Sheet, according to the design of processing, surface using the current international construction industry recognized fluorocarbon coating treatment, the inner layer is a rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer, internal and external layer tightly bonded. Has the surface rain-proof, the impact, the appearance color is diverse, the adornment is strong, the service life is long and so on characteristic, is one kind of new heat preservation decoration integration High level exterior decoration material. Insulation aluminum Sheet Beautiful, durable, beautiful, durable, the overall performance of the first time to conquer the insulation materials and decorative surface materials can not be closely combined with the difficult problem. Make the insulation material and decorative surface materials tightly combined, not easy to fall off, loose, and enhance the decorative surface material of wind-pressure strength, flatness. The specific characteristics are as follows:
1. Novel Structure
2, lightweight durability of this kind of aluminum Sheet light, the quality of about 7kg per square meter, the tensile strength of the 200n/mm2; aluminum Sheet elongation, the relative elongation is higher than 10%, can withstand high bending without rupture, good toughness.
3, decorative strong differences in the construction of other insulation board at home and abroad, directly the low thermal conductivity, high thermal insulation properties of the rigid polyurethane by pouring foam firmly bonded on the back of the forming aluminum Sheet.
4, coating weathering strong aluminum Sheet surface spraying is containing KYNAR-500 up to 70% of fluorocarbon polymer resin, after this fluorocarbon spraying aluminum sheet surface, acid rain, corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet ability is extremely strong, can ensure that coating for more than 20 years do not fade, no powder, no fall off.
5, the installation of a reasonable heat insulation aluminum Sheet in the factory assembly line, to the site directly dry hanging in the enclosure structure, is a new energy-saving decorative integration of high-grade external materials, and construction convenient, short duration. In short, polyurethane foam although can be ignited with an open flame, but not easy to burn. Even if it burns it is only the surface coking and will not be burnt.
6, conserve resources building external wall Traditional practices need to use a large number of cement, sand, water and other materials, resources are very waste, demolition after a lot of garbage.

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