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Pioneer of environmental protection-aluminum tanker

Edit: admin Date: 2017-06-28 16:34
Aluminum alloy is light in weight. When it is full load, it can be loaded with more refined oil. And whenit is  no load, it can save fuel and reduce tire wear. Energy saving can bring intuitive economic benefits for aluminum tankers. It has advantages when compared with steel tankers.

Compared with steel oil semi-trailer, aluminum alloy oil semi-trailer has following advantages:
1.More Safe
Aluminum alloy tanker is lighter than 4.9 tons than the same carbon steel tanker in weight. The light upper tank reduces the vehicle center of gravity. The vehicle drives more smoothly; light weight reduces the tire wear when it is no load, and greatly reduces the probability of puncture; aluminum alloy conductive Good performance, static electricity is not easy to accumulate, and will not produce instantaneous discharge; when the vehicle encounters collision or tipping, it may need to drill oil. Aluminum alloy in the drilling will not produce sparks, eliminating the security risks.
2.more durable
Aluminum alloy can form a dense aluminum oxide protective film on the surface, which can effectively prevent the atmosphere and moisture erosion. And thus it has great antioxidant capacity and will not rust to ensure that the transport of oil from pollution. Aluminum cans are also more durable than carbon steel cans, and the service life of it is up to 15-20 years; aluminum alloy tankers because of its no corrosion, smooth and beautiful appearance, is able to enhance corporate image.
3.more environmental
There is no difference in terms of performance between recyclable materials and original materials of Aluminum Alloy. It can be used repeatedly, and reduce resource waste and loss of energy; the aluminum material has the advantages of light weight, increased payload can reduce the number of transportation; idle oil consumption is reduced, which saves fuel and can reduce exhaust emission; erosion Aluminum Alloy can withstand air and moisture, without the appearance of paint, reducing the atmospheric pollution of carbon steel tank in the production and maintenance of paint spraying process.
Henan Mingtai aluminum for lightweight vehicles, especially the Aluminum Alloy tanker, has developed high performance tanker aluminum, such as 5083 aluminum, 5454 aluminum, 5182 aluminum, 5754 aluminum plate, aluminum plate state is based on H111, and Henan Mingtai aluminum has 3.3 meters of 1+1 hot strip mill in China. The widest plate can be done is 2700MM, thereby greatly reducing the weld Aluminum Alloy tank, and it is the security escort for whole Aluminum Alloy tanker.

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