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Mingtai supplies high quality 6061 aluminum plate

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-11 16:40
6061 aluminum plate has two commonly used tempers: T6 and T651. Theirs difference is that under normal circumstances, T6 internal stress will be larger, when being processed, it will be deformed, so the most suitable temper of processing should be T651, it is eliminated the internal stress on the basis of T6 through stretching. The main alloying elements of aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon, and form Mg2Si phase. If a certain amount of manganese and chromium are contained, the bad effect of iron can be neutralized; sometimes a small amount of copper or zinc is added to increase the strength of the alloy without significantly reducing its corrosion resistance; and a small amount of conductive material Of copper to counteract the adverse effects of titanium and iron on conductivity; zirconium or titanium can refine grains and control recrystallized texture; and lead and bismuth can be added to improve machinability. Mg2Si solid solution in aluminum, the alloy has artificial aging hardening function. The main alloying elements in 6061 aluminum alloy are magnesium and silicon, which have moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and good oxidation effect.

The representative uses of 6061 aluminum include spaceflight fixtures, electrical fixtures, and communications. They are also widely used in automation machinery parts, precision machining, mold making, electronics and precision instruments, SMT, PC board solder carriers, etc.
6061 aluminum heat treatment process: 1) rapid annealing: heating temperature 350 ~ 410 ℃; with the effective thickness of different materials, holding time between 30 ~ 120min; air or water-cooled. 2) high temperature annealing: heating temperature 350 ~ 500 ℃; finished thickness ≥ 6mm, the holding time is 10 ~ 30min, <6mm, the heat so far; air cold. 3) low-temperature annealing: heating temperature 150 ~ 250 ℃; holding time is 2 ~ 3h; air or water-cooled.
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