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Surface treatment methods of aluminum plastic composite plate

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-15 16:08
The aluminum plastic plate is a new material, which is processed and compounded through a series of processes. It uses aluminum plate after surface treatment and coating paint as the surface, and uses mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene plastic as the core layer. After some surface treatment, it is often used as decorative materials, with good use features.

Aluminum plastic plate as a decorative material in the kitchen, bathroom use plays an important role, in order to enhance its effectiveness, manufacturers will be related to its surface treatment, in order to be able to get better results.
For multi-tone surface treatment of aluminum-plastic panels, those new stainless steel, champagne, etc. with colored glass make the decoration more perfect. Then for reference only frosted fabric profiles: Aluminum veneer: matte aluminum sheet to avoid the bright aluminum profiles in the architectural decoration under the existence of certain conditions and conditions, and will slowly form the shortcomings of light interference, like brocade The same delicate soft surface, in the market by many people like it.
Aluminum plastic plate manufacturers said the existing matte material can not make the surface of the sand uneven, to see the lack of mold is not possible, we not only have to grasp the surface treatment of aluminum plate in order to ensure the application of aluminum plate longer.
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