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Why does alumina plate have color difference

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-26 17:22
In the era of rapid development, many things will have been presented in front of us with the perfect state. The alumina plate is suitable for aluminum metal ceiling, aluminum panels, fire panels, electrical panels , cabinet panels, furniture panels due to good weather resistance, strong metallicity, applicability, etc. But you may see the existence of the color difference of the alumina board, then why does alumina plate have color difference? Mingtai Aluminum will answer this question for you:
1, the material in the oxidation treatment due to syrup ingredients, content, concentration, temperature, treatment time and other factors will affect the treatment effect will result in the final product is not the same effect;
2, in the product of the closed color processing pre-processing material due to the existing color, resulting in the kind of color, color increases the difficulty;

3, different batches of raw materials, aluminum metal content and texture of the material can not be consistent, when the coloring process after repeated adjustments and sample evaluation is difficult to do with the template exactly the same effect.
There are many factors that cause color difference of alumina plates, raw materials, treatment syrup, treatment time, treatment temperature. The existence of the color difference of the alumina plate is unavoidable. It is also a characteristic of the anodized aluminum plate. However, each enterprise will regulate a color difference range, and the products in the range are normal products.
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