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Industrial lens shell with Mingtai 6061 aluminum alloy factory price

Edit: admin Date: 2018-02-10 09:18
Different industrial lens imaging quality has a wide variety, even the same type of industrial lens is also true, this is mainly due to material, processing accuracy and lens structure caused by different factors, the industrial lens shell can be made of 6061aluminum alloy.
Aluminum alloy industry lens shell looks very fine, the thread deep and clear, sealing performance is very good, feel is also very good, is the best aluminum, industrial lens shell with aluminum optional 6061 aluminum processing, through the oxidation of coloring surface technology Disposal, so that the surface of the goods more advanced use, and not easy to touch the flowers, do not fade.

6061 aluminum plate is one of the representative products of 6000 series aluminum alloy, widely used in a certain strength and corrosion resistance requirements of the industrial structure, is a high-quality aluminum products in the typical representative.
Mingtai Aluminum is a professional 6061 aluminum plate manufacture in Henan Province. The cold rolling mill with 6061 aluminum plate adopts Siemens and ABB and other international high-end control system to ensure the accuracy and stability of the product, and can effectively control the plate type. In the product quality in March 2014, the product was Swiss General Notary Bank SGS certification body issued ISOTS16949: 2009 quality management system certification, the full guarantee of product quality problems, and provide integrated after-sales service.
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