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Application of Aluminum Alloy Plate in Petrochemical Industry

Edit: admin Date: 2018-03-24 11:24
The aluminum alloy pipes used for transporting oil and natural gas are generally 5083, 3A21, and 6061 aluminum alloy. The main advantages of aluminum alloy plates are: low density, easy transportation, and installation; high reliability, no spark, no explosion and explosion, low temperature Good performance, no bursting at low temperatures.

This year, a large number of natural gas (LNG) carriers as well as natural gas, petroleum and other storage tanks are also made of aluminum alloy plates. The main materials are 5083 aluminum plates and 6063 aluminum . The aluminum materials have natural advantages in terms of quality and explosion protection. The cost is also decreasing.
Petrochemical canisters are also basically manufactured from aluminum sheets and aluminum profiles. Common sieve towers, packed towers, etc., such as the tower cranes of Zhangzhou Pingan Chemical Fertilizer Plant, are all made of aluminum plates and aluminum profiles provided by our company. The performance index is much better than stainless steel material tower.
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