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Application and character of aluminum checker plate make it outstanding in the market

Edit: admin Date: 2018-04-04 16:41
The application of aluminum checker plate is very extensive.what’s more, in the decoration industry, the simple aluminum plate cannot meet the requirements of the customer any more, so the appearance of aluminum checker plate has appeared which receives great popularity in the market by customers. Aluminum checker plate is divided into: small five rib checquered aluminum plate, orange peel plate, pointer pattern plate, pattern plate, five bars aluminum tread plate and so on.
At present, the application of aluminum checker plate is extremely extensive. The streets and alleys can be seen everywhere and have gone deep into human life. aluminum checker plate have so many functions that are loved by people of all walks of life. People have begun to characterize the patterns of aluminum panels. The advantages were studied.

1, small five ribs pattern aluminum. The appearance of this material is beautiful and can prevent slipping. The small five-bar ribs are very good non-slip aluminum plates. The mechanical properties and mechanical properties of the plates are not very high in the process of use. Therefore, the quality of this product mainly manifests itself in the pattern formation rate, pattern height, and pattern height. difference. It has a wide range of applications in transportation, construction, decoration and other fields.
2, orange peel plate. Because the surface of the aluminum plate of the orange peel plate has the same pattern as the orange pattern, we call it the orange peel plate. Orange peel pattern plate is divided into classic orange peel pattern plate and variation orange peel pattern plate. Its pattern is very beautiful, so it is often applied to refrigerator air conditioner and packaging.
3, pointer plate. The pointer tread plate is a kind of non-slip aluminum plate, but it is rarely used in the non-slip, and the indicator tread plate has a good processing performance and hardness, so it is mostly used for load bearing. The anti-slip aluminum plate uses five ribs and the like, but due to the special patterns and problems in the materials, it will not be used frequently in the decoration and decoration process.
4, five ribbed aluminum. Five ribbed aluminum panels are the most representative pattern aluminum panels in aluminum alloys. Compared with similar products, it has obvious advantages in hardness and tensile strength. And the five-rib pattern aluminum plate also has extremely strong resistance to corrosion and rust resistance. Because it has a significant effect on aesthetics, rust prevention and anti-skid, it is mostly used in work platforms, ships, vehicles, and buildings. So this kind of pattern aluminum plate is used most in our country, the price is also the cheapest.
The above are the advantages and functions of several kinds of pattern aluminum plates. When selecting them, they must be used in combination with the actual conditions. Of course, in addition to advantages and characteristics, they will also have some defects. Mingtai Aluminum will further improve in the future production, improve the existing defects, improve the characteristics of the pattern aluminum, and make users more satisfied.
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