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Application of 6061 aluminium plate in anti-skid well cover

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-03 11:00
6061 aluminum plate is the representative product of 6 series aluminum plate. It mainly contains two elements, magnesium and silicon, so it has the advantages of both 4 series and 5 series. 

6061 aluminum plate  is a cold-treated aluminum forging product, suitable for application with high requirements of corrosion resistance, oxidation. What’s more, it is also widely used with its good usability, good interface characteristics, easy coating, good processability. The antiskid well cover material of the street can choose the 6061-t6 aluminum plate, and 6061 aluminum alloy plate is more advantageous for aluminum anti-skid manhole cover.
1,  6061 aluminum alloy plate has high strength, high compressive, bending, impact strength, toughness, the product will not be crushed and damaged after long-term use.
2, The appearance of aluminum alloy antiskid well cover is beautiful, aluminum alloy cutting performance is good, easy to process, the surface of the shaft cover design is exquisite, color is bright and adjustable, beautify the city environment.
3, Easy to use, light weight. The weight of aluminum alloy product is only about 1/3 of cast iron, easy to transport, install, repair, greatly reduce the labor intensity.
4, Aluminum alloy is weatherproof and suitable for various temperature environment, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, vehicle rolling resistance,and it has long service life.
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