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Application of 6061 aluminium sheet in new energy vehicle

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-05 15:31

According to Baidu encyclopedia, new energy vehicle is an automobile with advanced technical principle, new technology and new structure, it uses non conventional fuel as the car power source, advanced technology for dynamic control and driving of integrated vehicles. The future trend of the car development is new energy that mainly are energy-saving and emission reduction. The 6061 aluminum plate has made a great contribution to the manufacture of new energy automobile, among which, the battery bottom plate of new energy automobile is made of 6061 aluminum plate.

6061 aluminum plate has high hardness and can be obtained good mechanical properties, physical properties and corrosion resistance by heat treatment. Heat strengthened aluminum alloy can improve mechanical properties by quenching and aging heat treatment, it can be divided into hard aluminum, aluminum forging, super hard aluminum and special aluminum etc. Therefore, 6061 aluminum plate is the ideal structural material, which is widely used in mechanical manufacturing , transportation machinery, power machinery and aviation industry. It is also a good choice for the new energy automobile battery base plate , which has a great advantage.
Henan Mingtai Aluminum focuses on the production of aluminum plate for 20 years, and it has mature processing technology. The 6061 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai has high hardness, and it has a tremendous contribution to the manufacture of new energy automobile. It is a commonly used aluminum plate and has a good reputation and technical content. If you need, please call the hotline 86(0)371-67898708   18638268963

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