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Characteristics and uses of aluminum tread plate

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-02 15:44
Aluminum tread plate has entered the family decoration in recent years, because of its smooth surface, bright colors, strong impact resistance, clean and convenient, durable, quick construction, it is widely used by many fields. The aluminum tread plate is divided into two categories: the exterior wall engineering board and the interior wall decoration board. Home decoration is generally used the latter. Aluminum tread plate is divided into two sides and one side. Double-sided pattern aluminum plate surface is rust-proof high-strength aluminum alloy plate. Front spray, reverse side aluminum plate color. But the single surface of the aluminum plate only has surface layer of aluminum alloy plate, the strength is slightly poor, the price is cheaper. Aluminum plastic with good surface paint quality adopts imported hot-pressure spraying process. The paint film is uniform in color and strong in adhesion. It is difficult to remove paint after scratching.

Family decoration pattern aluminum is generally applied in the dining room, kitchen, bathroom and room heating cover, partition and so on. During construction, the base surface of the plate should be dry and smooth, and the best way is to use the multilayer board and the thin board as the bottom layer to prevent the cracking and deformation. Second, when sticking the aluminum tread plate, pay attention to the coating must be uniform, wait for the strong glue thinner to volatilize with hand touch non stick hand can paste, with wood hammer percussion compaction. Third, attention in the use of aluminum pattern according to design requirements into several blocks. Do not use the whole or a large area, otherwise that will easily lead to the hollowing glue. Fourth, the glass-glue seal are generally used for intersecting incision of patterned aluminium plate. It is required that the glass glue must be even and full when it is sealed, and the surface should be cleaned up thoroughly after drying, so that the lines are consistent in thickness.
The characteristic of the aluminum tread plate is that it is a good material for easy processing and forming. It is also a good product for pursuing efficiency and buying time. It can shorten the time of work and reduce the cost. Aluminum tread plate can be cut, slotted, band saw, drilling, processing, cold bending, cold rolling, but also can be riveted, screw connection or glue bonding and so on.
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