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Classification and advantages of aluminum checker plate

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-04 11:17
Aluminum checker plate is a common modern material with a variety of types, widely used in many fields, such as household refrigerators, screen and air conditioning all need to use aluminum checker plate. There is a brief introduction to the classification and advantages of the aluminum checker plate.

The aluminum checker plate has a plurality of types, common aluminum alloy checker plate, aluminum magnesium alloy checker plate, five rib aluminum alloy checker plates, compass aluminum alloy checker plate, orange peel aluminum alloy checker plate, hyacinth bean type aluminum checker plate, a spherical aluminum plate, aluminum plate material, diamond aluminum alloy checker plate and so on. Different types of aluminum checker plate have different uses, such as ordinary aluminum alloy tread plate is mainly used for cold storage, outside packaging and other fields. Aluminum alloy checker plate is a kind of antirust aluminum plate with a slightly higher hardness. It is often used in the manufacture of freight cars and the floor of cold storage. Aluminum magnesium alloy checker plate is also very common, it has good corrosion resistance, high hardness, good antirust function, and mainly used for shipping and the environment is relatively poor place.
The aluminum checker plate has the advantages of attractive appearance, high hardness, strong mechanical property, strong corrosion resistance, anti - skid effect and wide application.
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