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Expansion of the prospect of aluminum plate used in rail transit

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-02 15:29
With the continuous progress of society, the development of subway and light rail is getting faster and faster. The fire resistance and resisting electric of the subway body is not only related to the melting point of the material, but also related to the thermal conductivity of the material. Aluminum alloy has better thermal conductivity than iron and steel, and its heat dissipation is better than steel. 

5083 aluminum alloy plate has a strong corrosion resistance, aluminum alloy surface is easy to form a layer of dense oxide film which has a good oxygen resistance in the atmosphere, so aluminum alloy has better corrosion resistance than steel carbody. Especially the parts of the car body are not easy to be coated, at the same time, the surface of aluminum alloy can be chemically colored, painted, sprayed, and the corrosion resistance of aluminum structural parts can be further improved by using these methods. In addition to the high corrosion resistance of subway light rail materials, the further realization of vehicle lightweight, and the reduction of vehicle energy consumption, maintenance costs have been reduced. And aluminum profile can be 100% of recycling, so which can reduce energy consumption.
Based on the above, aluminum alloy has excellent fire resistance and resisting electric characteristics, its melting point is lower than the melting point of steel, and it has excellent heat resistance, strong corrosion resistance and good plasticity. With the continuous progress of welding technology, aluminum alloy vehicle manufacturing technology is increasingly mature, and aluminum alloy aluminum alloy parts are easy to replace, do not require rust removal, suitable for all kinds of surface treatment, can be recycled and reused, saving resources. Therefore, it is appropriate to use Mingtai 5083 aluminum plate for metro light rail materials.
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