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Large transition of 5083 marine aluminum plate

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-05 13:19

As one kind of marine aluminum plate, 5083 rust-proof aluminum plate has a good performance in the marine environment, it can adapt to the harsh environment. 5083 aluminum plate used in the machine is also a good choice, the contact wheel is made of  5083 rust-proof aluminum plate. It not only has excellent quality and performance, but also has excellent reputation.

The contact wheel used in polishing grinding, the harder the contact wheel, the greater the surface roughness, otherwise, the smaller, and the larger the diameter of contact wheel is, the larger the contact area is and the smaller the roughness of machining surface is. Thus, it can be seen that the contact wheel is important to the processing. 5083  marine aluminum plate has strong hardness and high corrosion, abrasion resistance, not easy to appear corrosion phenomenon and can use more durable.
5083 marine aluminum plate has equal performance advantages with imported 5083 aluminum plate. The 5083 marine aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminium has good reputation, fine workmanship, excellent application effect and quality up to international standard. The company invested a large number of processing equipment,  annual output of aluminum plate is up to 450,000 tons to solve the customer's worries.

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