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Price of aluminum checker plate in the market application

Edit: admin Date: 2018-04-20 09:12
With the development of society, more and more aluminum plates have been used in life, which has brought inconvenience and use to our lives. For the classification of aluminum there are orange peel embossed aluminum plate, spherical aluminum plate, five ribbed aluminum alloy plate. The following describes the common types of aluminum plate for everyone.
In architectural decoration, we will use lentils pattern aluminum plate decoration, which is a commonly used aluminum material in anti-skid, has a good anti-skid effect, this aluminum material is generally used for carriages, platform anti-skid, lift anti-skid, Non-slip floor of the workshop floor, non-slip floor cold storage and so on.

Orange embossed aluminum plate is divided into: classic orange pattern aluminum plate, variation of orange pattern aluminum plate (also known as insect pattern). On the surface of the plate, a pattern resembling an orange peel is presented, so it can be called an orange peel aluminum plate. It has a good anti-slip ability, but is widely used in the construction (floor) platform design and other aspects. The appearance is quite beautiful. Due to the special pattern, the strength of this aluminum plate is much higher than that of other patterns. It is a commonly used pattern product for refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging.
Five ribs pattern aluminum: five ribs non-slip aluminum plate has become willow-shaped pattern plate, aluminum alloy pattern plate. This type of aluminum plate is usually used as a non-slip material in China, and has a good anti-slip effect, and the price is cheaper.
Patterned aluminum plate, also known as embossed aluminum plate or non-slip aluminum plate, is one of the superior products of Mingtai Aluminum. The main products of pattern aluminum plate are aluminum alloy plates of 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx series. Mingtai Aluminum can produce a steel bar. , two ribs, three ribs, five ribs, etc., embossed aluminum is widely used in flooring, decoration and other fields such as construction, vehicles, ships, etc. High quality product quality makes Mingtai Aluminum's chequered aluminum sheet popular in the domestic and foreign markets. Among them, the company's production of a pattern of ribs in the North American market share of 60-70%, of which less than the thickness of 1.6mm pattern plate Occupancy rate reached 80%.
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