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Reasons of unqualified mechanical properties of aluminum checker plate

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-09 15:09
Whether from the aspect of application or quality, there are certain requirements for the mechanical properties of aluminum checker plate, it needs good mechanical properties, these requirements can only be fully satisfied. However, from the production of aluminum plate, its mechanical properties may not be able to reliably protect. For example, the following conditions can easily lead to failure of mechanical properties of aluminum checker plate:

If heat treatment system is not implemented correctly in the manufacture of aluminum checker plate, the mechanical properties may be unacceptable since a bad phenomenon in heat treatment. There are similar reasons that heat treatment equipment is not normal, there is such a situation will also affect the aluminum checker plate heat treatment effect, resulting in the mechanical properties of the aluminum plate are not qualified.  
Besides, if the air circulation is not good in the manufacture of aluminum checker plates, the amount of quench material is large, the temperature of the salt bath is not enough, and the time of heat preservation is not enough and the temperature is not up to the specified temperature, it will also lead to poor mechanical properties of aluminum sheet.
Of course, the reasons why the mechanical properties of the aluminum checker plate is not qualified are more than that, the heat treatment system or the test method adopted by the laboratory is incorrect and the shape of the sample is incorrect or the surface of the sample is damaged may also affect the test result of aluminum checker plate mechanical properties. As a result, the mechanical properties of aluminum checker plate are not qualified. 
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