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Solutions of problems in welding aluminum checker plate

Edit: admin Date: 2018-01-04 15:26
Due to the technical reasons of the manufacturing process, the size of the aluminum checker plate is limited, and in many cases need to use large size aluminum checker plate, which requires the small size of the aluminum checker plate for a piece of ground welding. Only in this way can we obtain large aluminum checker sheet. There are always difficulties in welding the aluminum checker plate, and only by solving these difficulties can we weld them perfectly.

The presence of stains on the welding joints and the oxidation film may lead to difficulties in welding the aluminum checker plates. This welding leads to pores and cracks.So we have to remove them before we weld aluminum checker plate.There are two ways to remove weld stain and oxide film, one is chemical method. Using gas oil, fire oil can thoroughly clean the dirt and oxide film. After thorough cleaning , it is necessary for them to be fully immersed by the alkaline solution , which may take about 5 minutes. Then, take out the aluminum checker plate, clean it with water, and finish it after the wind. Such a chemical method can be used for the basic cleaning of the corrugated aluminum plate, but the cleanliness is still not high enough. It is also necessary to add another way of cleaning.
If you want to fully clean the welding joint of aluminium checker plate and completely remove the dirt and oxide film, you can choose the mechanical cleaning method. First of all, still need to use acetone or gasoline and other organic solvents to clean the appearance. Next, you’d better use copper brush or stainless steel wire brush to brush, the best the effect is to reveal the metal luster, then rinse again. It is worth noting that the brush of sand paper should be avoided in order to avoid the sand falling out and sticking to the welding mouth to cause a new round of pollution.
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